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    Whats surprising is that even at this stage it looks like barring injury (of which there will definitely be some), the likely 31 is already close to settled. On the few that aren't above -

    - Killer ahead of McGrath, but given his (distant?) history of scrum penalties may need a few more outings to establish himself.
    - Sean Cronin travels as super-sub (makes the bench ahead of scannel but doesn't necessarily start ahead) - probably our weakest position.
    - Quinn Roux doesn't go
    - We either bring Conan as a backup No 8 (currently don't think so, not quite good enough to justify), or travel with an 8 a 6 and three 7s on the basis that O'Brien and O'Mahony can cover 8 and everyone except VdF can cover 6.
    - Marmion still ahead of Luke McGrath
    - Carty will need to play outstandingly (and with a low error count !) to stay ahead of Byrne (who is the closest like-for-like replacement for Sexton)
    - Chris Farrell will travel ,with Henshaw offering full back cover (despite England) especially as Addison is mostly playing centre for Ulster

    Others will likely only be in case of injury but could include (in addition to the 'leftovers' from above)
    - Dillane, a great bench option if his form continues to return
    - Jordi/Ruddock, both playing well (my preference is for Ruddock who seems to be continuously getting better)
    - Tom Farrell - would likely need 2 injuries as we'd drop to just 3 centres first, using Addison as cover
    - Sweetnam - seems unlikely but none of the other provincial back 3 players seem higher on Joes list.

    It would be nice to see a bolter, and it seems like Ulster are churning out quality young wings (Balacoune, Kernohan and Sexton) but likely too soon for any of them


      Although we havent seen too much of it, I wonder whether Beirne's back row ability also works in his favour?


        Arent Jean Kleyn, JGP and rhys Marshall IQ for the RWC?

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          Without wanting to have things descend into a FB debate....

          Im starting to think that not only does the team, defensively and offensively need Zebo at FB but that of greater importance is that the squad needs him.

          The level of frustration and self doubt that must exist from the last 3 performances could well do with someone midweek who doesn’t take it all to seriously and brings a bit of lightheartedness to the situation to distract from the pressure that some players must feel. When POMs interview post Italy is the most positive anybody talks about the game you know there is something wrong.

          Every team has had a joker over the years, someone who plays the clown and makes the group dynamic easier to deal with, times passes faster and people have a smile on their face.

          The camp, travel and games in Japan will take up the best part of 2 months, if things are at Joe levels of intensity for that 2 months then the entire squad will fall apart.

          This squad know how to play great winning rugby, I wonder have the forgotten how to enjoy themselves while they are doing it.


            Originally posted by In Joe we trust View Post
            Arent Jean Kleyn, JGP and rhys Marshall IQ for the RWC?

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            Can't see any of them being drafted into the 31, would have been invited to camps beforehand, Aki, Tyler (whatever happened to him?) were.

            IMHO JGP is a slight possibility but only if there's an injury crisis at 9. Others aswell, Marshall... could happen if Joe loses faith in Cronin or Scannell.

            Still Joe certainly subscribes to the 'what if' worst case ever scenario planning, so the more qualified and squad up to speed players the better, see the AB's in the last RWC when Stephen Donald drafted in at 10, but still had 25 odd caps
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