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    Ebay ticket England-in-Dublin_W0QQitemZ270089627236QQihZ017QQcategoryZ13 06QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    Isn't there someone on the forum with a similar username?

    Could it be?

    Genuine bids or has it been sabotaged?
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      Free postage thrown in [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

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        Yes it rings a bell alright. But you should not accuse without proof !

        Handy the way the numbers are all blocked out.
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          I can't believe that there are people out there willing to spend that kind of money for a match. Maybe it's just people jacking up the bid to piss off the vendor. Still, I would rather have my 2 weeks in the sun plus spending money to boot than pay that exhorbitant price.
          Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


            He sold 2 txts for french match for €1500


              Had a little play with photoshop and the ticket.
              I think the row is 4?
              Can't make out the seat, it might be an 8 or a 5 or a 3.
              Without seeing a copy of the ticket without the white blobs I can't tell.

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                I wonder is the taxman aware of his profit margins??

                Let's find out!!
                "This was the performance Ireland had been threatening all championship but had only managed to produce in fits and starts. Defeats at the hands of France and Wales had put paid to their title aspirations, never mind a Grand Slam, but yesterday’s emphatic 24-8 win shows that this is a team moving in the right direction."

                The Irish Times after Ireland beat England at Lansdowne Road on 19/03/11


                  Lol I swear that isn't me!
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                    If the seats are in the Premium section, does that mean they should be more traceable? GAA fan with first option on tickets?
                    Munster - Incessant Perfervidity
                    "Ireland Will Choke" - Jeremy Guscott



                      Originally posted by daveirl
                      Lol I swear that isn't me!

                      Unburden yourself dave !!

                      New car is it ?!?!?



                        Originally posted by daveirl
                        Lol I swear that isn't me!
                        The shame of moving to sligo or selling tickets on ebay?? much of a muchness in some people minds

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                          Who ever that Tosser is he should never see a ticket or the inside of croker for the rest of his life!
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                            Hard to blame people for selling their tickets when they make this type of money, its the fools that are paying it that causes the problem. Premium seats cost €11000 for 10 years so I guess a GAA fan sees it as a chance to recouperate some of their investment.


                              I sent him him some abuse. He replied claiming it is all in aid of charity and wasnt any of my business.

                              I'm going to ask him which charity now.