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    That Restart!

    I hate to be a whinge but I was hoping someone with immediate video access to Sunday's match could clear up something for me.

    On sunday, I saw two replays of the famous restart that France turned over and eventually converted into the match winning score.

    I dont want to take issue with the quality of the kick but I would like to take issue with one the french 'competing' for possession.

    My view of it was that the first french man to arrive jumped straight into Paul O'Connell and made no effort to play or even look at the ball.

    Then again, I havent seen the replay since Sunday and in a state of incandesant rage I may have seen things through green-speckled glasses.

    On that score, I must commend Clerc who cant have been too far away from man of the match. He was a constant meance dodgy and ducking tackles and managing to take and recycle against many a big Irish forward.

    To my mind he set up the 1st French try from the lineout by darting past Murphy and then, If Im not mistaken, checked and timed the last pass to Ibanez perfectly for the score.

    His general defence along with that of each of the back three was excellent and bucked the trend of French backs being a bit windy under the high ball away from home. (God knows weve seen it often enough in Thomond - even Dominici s*at his pants a few times when playing there over the years)


    Hard to pick up if they jumped into Paul O'Connell on the clip attached. It looks like a fair challenge. It is gutting to watch this clip again.

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    Clerc was very good and for that first try all the reports go on about Murphy's missed tackle on Ibanez but what led to it was his initial missed tackle from that quick lineout on Clerc.



      I would be a bit surprised if the French DIDN'T jump into O'Connell at that restart.

      To be honest I think our guys had switched off a bit at that stage.

      The kickoff was to the first Irish receiver. None of the other players reacted to get into position to contest the breaking ball or even to protect the jumper.

      That was the moment that cost us the match.



        Probably jaded after the maul.

        I ask myself what would Martin Johnson have done in similar circumstances?

        Well Dallalgio would have killed that last ball by hook or by crook. It probably would have been yellow but Ireland would have had time to reorganise at least.