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    The positive

    France came to Croker yesterday and spoiled Irelands party. They didn't keep to the script.

    In august the roles will be reversed. France at home will be under great pressure to win the world cup and now after beating Ireland 5 times in a row they'll be expected to beat Ireland. A nice position for Ireland to go into that match.

    Laporte is already talking about that match so the pressure is already on him so imagine what it'll be like during the world cup. Ireland can get the perfect revenge by spoiling France party!


    The theory is enticing enough, unfortunately, the surprise factor will rather be on the French side as their line up is likely to evolve before the WC. France will have an enormous pressure crushing their shoulder and I think they will take no chance underestimating Ireland.

    However and even if I dislike this argument, EOS might be true saying that the more than good resistance offered by Ireland might put some doubt in the French players heads. When you look at the French players on the bench in the end of the 2nd half they looked beaten, which is quite unusual and which underlines how unlikely France's victory was.



      @@@@SPAN =storyline>It's good to be optimistic however that scenario is highly unlikely. I reckon IRL will probably win their remaining games in the 6N's & a sufficient number of games for them to be taken seriously come the RWC. Add in EOS's almost insane bizarre reambling after the match and you realise that at least in his head the battle is over. I quote@@@@/SPAN>

      @@@@SPAN =storyline>@@@@/SPAN>

      "I wasn't surprised that Bernard Laporte was open about his belief France have landed a psychological blow ahead of the World Cup," he said.

      "He did say last week that this was the game France had targeted in the Six Nations. But now he might be feeling a little more insecure than a week ago. If they'd come to Dublin and won well, then they would have had a psychological advantage going into the World Cup.

      "But the way they won the game, right at the end, will have sown seeds of doubt in Laporte's mind. A win is a win, but it was a hardly a result to convince him that France are a much better team than Ireland. I can't imagine that after yesterday his headset is France should not be afraid of Ireland – which is the attitude I think he wanted to develop.

      "He said it was a pivotal game and that if France won in Dublin they would win the Six Nations and score a psychological blow ahead of the World Cup. But when we meet France in the World Cup there will be a huge amount of pressure on them to deliver. And I know from our last two performances against France that if we get our game in order in Paris, they'll have a very difficult day at the office."

      So EOS was expecting us to be hammered, and this is actually a good result because they only beat us by a few points. In a few lines EOS has managed to give us a glimpse of what is wrong with the Irish team when they play France.

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again (like picking Gordon D'Arcy) and expecting different results.
      Albert Einstein



        This can be discussed for hours but would beating France have been better? I'd like to say yes but (and as the purpose of this thread seems to be finding positives) Irish players had a small taste of victory before it was taken away. I hope that they are going to be able to use their frustration positively.

        Unfortunately, like MCork, I fear that EOS is not the best motivational speaker. As a matter of fact, I am wondering why Ireland has not hired someone like Woody (like Munster with Galway) to coach them on psychological/motivational aspects.

        We have said enough and there seems to be a concensus that France won it more on a psychological level than on a real physical/technical level. It is too late to do anything drastic about the latter anyway, it is probably all in the head from now on.

        I hope Ireland is going to stay focused for the end of the tournament. There is a fair possibility that France get beaten at some stage and lose the tournament. I'd go for Wales, the usual France nemesis. That could undirectly do a lot of good to Ireland.



          speaking of the positives reading todays examiner had some to add.

          "On the brighter side was David Wallace's towering and skilful performance at number seven, a position he has nailed down. We have known about his ball carrying skills for a long time but his line-out prowess is something of an eye opener.

          Most impressive of all on Sunday were his handling skills, best illustrated by the scoring pass for Ronan O'Gara's beautifully-taken try.

          No praise can be too high for the manner in which props Marcus Horan and John Hayes have coped so well with the strong Welsh and French scrummaging machines. And if Paul O'Connell and to a lesser extent Donncha O'Callaghan aren't at their best at the moment, they are still contributing handsomely and that only goes to show what to expect when they step up that extra gear.

          The much-lauded Irish back division hasn't peaked yet but O'Gara continues to perform superbly and with the return of O'Driscoll to the centre and Horgan to the wing, the best may also be yet to come"


            You're not holding back Mcork are you!? Laporte obviously has the upper hand on EOS, the record speaks for itself, but I'm not sure what else the guy could have said. It is clear the favourites tag has us shi*tin a brick so I'd be tempted to agree with Dropkick in that the pressure will be off our lads a bit. Overall though the French are the one team that really seem to have our defencein a panic (going from internationals over the last 18 months or so) andalso Eddie's overall tacticsin a panic -it'sundoubtedly advantage France for the WRC butI wouldn't be ruling usout just yet.



              Its still all to play for in our group in the WC, but assuredly advantage France.

              Two things are crucial though, that Ireland beat England, Scotland and Italy and, most important, that Munster retain the HC.

              If Munster retain the HC, as I believe they can and I have my final tickets, then Ireland can go into the WC on a roll.

              If we don't achieve all of the above I would be pessimistic about our WC advancement.



                Dawn - seperate out Munster & Ireland. Two differen't teams, two different mindsets & most of all two different coaches. I'm not saying there's no cross over effect but it's not as big as people would think. Yes Munster can win the HEC, they know they can because they've done it before. And crucially there is no psycological barrier regarding any other team & the team is very strong mentally.

                Not so Ireland, they have never beaten the AB's & they cant beat France under O'Sullivan. The mindset is wrong

                Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again (like picking Gordon D'Arcy) and expecting different results.
                Albert Einstein



                  Don't agree, McCork, I think Ireland know they blew it on Sunday and also knowthat they can beat France.

                  What would we be saying if POC or Leamy had taken the dropout and driven on, Ireland then winning the game.It was as close as that.

                  I've never been a fan of EOS,less so now, but there are positives.

                  Get on a winning roll in the 6 Nations, retain HC and we have real chances in our group in the WC.




                    We dont have any problem beating the other teams in the 6N's (mainly because they've been very poor) but 0/ 5 versus France with 2 games in the stade de France to come is bound to & has taken its toll. For the Irish players used to getting the better of their french opponents in club games (look what Irish 3/4 did to french 3/4 in Toulouse last year for example), they are automatically & systematically beaten & sometimes hammered by these same players atINTL levels.

                    The only way it can be turned around is if the staff show humility, not look for external excuses (in fairness they haven't it's been us fans making excuses for them: ref, luck, bounce of the ball etc) & take a very long hard look at themselves & why they lose systematically to a good but far from unbeatable french side. My opinion is that if they do that,it'llpoint them in one direction... i.e the coach which is perhaps why it wont happen. I believe he consistantly undermines the team with his selection & tactics when it comes to playing the french.
                    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again (like picking Gordon D'Arcy) and expecting different results.
                    Albert Einstein


                      Well, I certainly can't disagree with you about EOS, I've never had any time for him.


                        He was coached off the park on Sunday, that's the bottom line. The French had Croker and the wide sides figured out way better and of course, dare we select a counter attacking back three? Hickie, Murphy and Horgan would have been it if he had the belief in that game, with Trimble at centre obviously. Horgan looks like a junior player in the centre and everybody in Ireland knew that, even non rugby heads said it to me on Saturday night. In truth, that is really where the game was lost, not a last minute try.

                        It also looks like Knox gets much more out of Girvan.

                        Actually, on viewing the re-run on video, O'Gara's short kicking from hand was a big contributor too. This has been happening a lot, even in the Millenium against Biarritz it happened several times in the last nail biting minutes. And I have no idea what we were at against the Welsh back three.

                        Hello friends in Brussels. Baldy here



                          There were a lot of positives from Sunday, but the main one is that the pack's hangover from Leicester and Wales is finished. So the rest of the 6N should improve for us, and the HEC becomes more of a reality for Munster.

                          France and Ireland both left 15/16 points on the pitch at Croker, so they know it's all about improving, taking your chances, minimising mistakes. Both should be aiming to beat the ABs, and those are the kind of improvements that are needed.

                          Shame about the Slam, but if this is a boxing match, we're only half way through, and the last couple of rounds are where you win it.