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Just got back..

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    Just got back..

    I'm absolutely gutted, shocked, still distraught.

    The French didnt even look like scoring in the second half. Blaming referees is for whingeing c**ts like Wales but my God he was appalling. Absolutely shocking.

    Ps - How did it look on the telly?. Hill16 was fecking great. I cant even talk I'm so hoarse from roaring and shouting (abuse at Murphy). I wouldnt take stand tickets for anywhere else, Hill 16 is just amazing.

    Have to say too, it looks like a very very difficult stadium for the place kickers to find touch.


      So was Easterby
      To not give it everything, is to sacrifice the gift.



        Originally posted by dedon
        So was Easterby

        An old friend of Eddie's who has got in on the back of what? His
        performances for illaneli? We saw how good Wales were yesterday! An
        Eddie favourite!

        Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again (like picking Gordon D'Arcy) and expecting different results.
        Albert Einstein



          what an amazing game though..... so intense... how we didn't win is smething i will have to lose sleep over... over and over again....[img]smileys/mad.gif[/img][img]smileys/mad.gif[/img]

          He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or something.



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            Great occasion. What an atmosphere, and what noise. Place nearly collapsed when O'Gara scored his try.

            Didn't see the late try coming.

            I thought the Irish players took a long time to settle, and didn't play like the home team until the second half.

            Ithought the ref had blown prior to Geordan Murphy getting the ball.

            Boss looked really ordinary, which makes me appreciate Stringer even more. Back line moves looked slow from the moment Boss threw the ball.

            O'Gara kicked badly from the hand, but I thought he played well apart from that.

            Horgan wasn't sharp enough. D'Arcy danced, jinked and ran brilliantly.

            O'Connell looked like he was everywhere.

            What a disappointing result; but what a marvellous occasion. Great to be there tday. The GAA should take a big bow.

            "I don't believe in fairytales," O'Connell once told me, "even though it feels like I've been lucky enough to live through a few. However it ends, I'll feel lucky."
            Donald McRae, Guardian Rugby, October 2015