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    Originally posted by nuke
    i love this cost them the game bulls**t. I
    know and dislike ROG but to say he cost them a test is as
    much rubbish now as it was then. They were not winning the
    test and were not going to win it
    Agreed - that test was lost when the 4 key players went off
    Did you play in the Garden of Eden?
    Were the goalkeeper\'s gloves to you tossed?
    For it seems to me you\'re the reason,
    You\'re the reason why paradise lost.


      ROG seeking-absolution</span></font>

      It was one of those moments
      that all sportsmen dread – the sort that makes you wish the earth would
      open under your feet. For Ronan O’Gara it meant that he went from
      Ireland Grand Slam hero to Lions zero overnight, and that a hard-earned
      reputation as one of the best flyhalves and tacticians in the game was
      damaged, perhaps irreparably. And, he admits, there has not been a day
      since when he has not thought of it.

      If you were looking for a safe pair of hands, with the Lions in
      possession in their own 22, and the second Test locked at 25-25 after a
      dramatic Springbok comeback with less than a minute to go, then most of
      the red-shirted fans at Loftus would have put what remained of their
      credit-crunched savings on the Irishman – who had come on to relieve
      Jamie Roberts 12 minutes earlier – to have his game-head screwed on and
      kick the ball into the middle of Pretoria.

      After all, this was O’Gara, the arch controller who had helped put
      Irish rugby back on the map, going into the tour having kicked a
      last-gasp drop goal against Wales in Cardiff to secure Ireland’s first
      Five/Six Nations Grand Slam for 61 years. The same O’Gara who had a
      treasure trove of elite experience behind him, having not only won 92
      caps for his country but also scored 919 points in a decade in the
      green shirt, making him the fifth highest point-scorer in international
      rugby history, and the holder of almost every Irish point-scoring
      record. On top of that he had guided his beloved Munster to two
      European Cup titles, and established himself as the tournament’s

      If O’Gara’s response to Morné Steyn’s speculative kick had been a
      half decent touchline clearance, the Lions would almost certainly have
      gone to Johannesburg for the final Test with the series still alive,
      but instead he gambled – some would argue in the tradition of the great
      touring side – and launched an up-and-under. However, his kick-chase,
      rather than that of an opportunist going for glory, looked almost
      instantaneously like an act of desperation, and, rather than launch
      himself upwards for the ball like Fourie du Preez did, he appeared to
      sleepwalk into a collision with the Springbok scrumhalf.

      French referee Christophe Berdos awarded the penalty, and Steyn’s
      superb 53m kick put the bullet into the Lions in the last act of an
      epic match, clinching the series for the world champions and leaving
      O’Gara inconsolable after the final whistle. The flyhalf was in tears,
      staring into the middle distance, unwilling to talk to anyone.

      It has plagued him ever since, and he has only recently been
      prepared to talk about the moment his sporting world turned on its

      ‘That’s sport at the top level, but it’s a situation of huge
      regret and embarrassment, and it has caused me months of anger and
      regret. I was playing well on the tour, but my 10 minutes in the Test
      jersey was definitely not reflective of me,’ he tells SA Rugby

      However, even now that the dust has settled on the tour, O’Gara will not accept that it was a total lapse of judgement.

      ‘The big thing that annoyed me is that I took a really heavy blow
      to the head just before it, and I wasn’t thinking too clearly. I
      thought I went up to challenge for the ball, but the referee thought I
      had caught Fourie du Preez when he was in the air, and made his
      decision. But in relation to not kicking the ball out, no – I would
      still go for the win and put up the garryowen.’

      Paul O’Connell and O’Gara go back a long way for Munster and
      Ireland, so what was said between the Lions captain and his flyhalf
      friend in the aftermath of such a brutal disappointment, and the lapse
      of judgement by O’Gara that led to it?

      ‘Emotions were all over the place. Paul was hurting badly – we let
      a big lead slip when we could have killed the game – but he didn’t
      actually say anything to me. You don’t need w
      I am Flsghujslkuo, and I approved this message.


        It must have taken ages to do all those [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]s


          Time well spent[img]smileys/redface.gif[/img]
          AãåùìÝôñçôï ; ;ò ìçäåὶò åἰóßôù

          \'Alla-hu Akbar\'


            ‘You don’t need words of comfort. What happened couldn’t be changed.
            <s&#111;ng>I’m mentally tough</s&#111;ng>, but it still goes down in the history books.’

            Jesus. Another interview where O'Gara proclaims his mental toughness.
            We get it.



              Jesus, another article about ROG "costing" the Lions the test and blah blah blah.


                [QUOTE=mrstambourineman] scarred?

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                Ta an draoicht ar ais aris