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Massive defeats damage rugby

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    Massive defeats damage rugby

    this is a fairly good point....espicially when you think we could take a week of the World cup by makig the pools 1 team less each.....

    Massive defeats damage rugby
    <DIV =LeadPara>On the evidence of the opening round of the Six Nations Championship last weekend, we can be sure of one thing come the Rugby World Cup this September. </DIV>
    <DIV =LeadPara>Pocket calculators will be as essential a requisite as match tickets at the gate. Otherwise, who will keep track of the series of floggings that are about to unfold ? </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>They say temperatures are climbing to record highs around the world, but rugby Test wins are threatening to eclipse them. The last World Cup (remember Australia 142 Namibia 0?) was bad enough. This one looks certain to be even worse. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>The alarming evidence in Rome of Italy’s regression as a serious force poses enormous problems for the organisers of the World Cup. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>Credibility for their tournament, the last couple of weeks excepted, looks like being non-existent if the hopeless failings of the Italians are an indication of the standards in the Tier 2 and 3 countries. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>France didn’t even have to play that well to get a crushing 39-3 victory. For the first quarter, they made almost as many mistakes as the Italians. But ultimately, Italy’s constant failings, founded on a multiplicity of errors, had to tell. The French ran in five tries to nil and achieved what could only be described as a bloodless coup. Frankly at times, especially in the second half, the match resembled more a training session for Bernard Laporte’s Frenchmen. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>This is far from a funny affair. If the gap in world rugby between the traditional playing nations, the likes of South Africa, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Australia and France, is widening still further, then the World Cup is going to be one long bore. It won’t be worth turning up until the last fortnight, when the quarter-finals start. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>q q q </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>If Italy, who were pretty competitive for most of the Six Nations Championship last year, are being so cruelly exposed, then what will happen in the World Cup to the likes of Namibia, Canada, the US, Japan, Georgia and Fiji? I say, without a shadow of doubt, New Zealand would have put 100 points on the Italians in Rome last Saturday. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>As professionalism takes an even deeper hold on the game, it is likely to become painfully obvious that the sport the IRB trumpets as a world-wide interest, is in fact contracting rapidly to a situation where only about six or seven nations play it at a serious level. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>This would be a disastrous scenario for the future of the sport. IRB Chairman Syd Millar regards it as one of his key objectives to see rugby win a place in the Olympics, but if this year’s World Cup is no more than a series of one-sided romps, then it will be a hopeless advertisement for the sport as well as undeniable evidence of the IRB’s inability to grow their game into a truly global contest. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>It’s all very well saying rugby is now played in 115 countries around the globe, but if about 110 of them haven’t got much further than understanding the basics of how to pass and catch a ball, it would be idle to pretend this is a healthy, vibrant sport of world appeal. </DIV>
    <DIV =TailParas>I found Saturday in Rome utterly depressing. Italy’s progress is essential to the growth of the sport in Europe, yet here we had a team that looked as baffled and bewildered by an orthodox, physical
    Seas suas agus troid!


    Lot of home truths in that article, rugby's' elitism at International levelupto the 1980's when a virtual apartheid system was operated by the major nations, except France, ensured that the game would not spread beyond its strongholds. In order to redeem this the RWC came up with afarcical situationof a World Cupof 20 nations when as the article states, no more than 5 or 6 can realistically win it, but more importantly, many of those taking part will be hopelessly outclassed and demoralised.

    So, contradictory as this might sound, in reality we would get afar better quality of competition with a 12 team tournament(even a compromise to bring to down to 16 would still have too many also-rans) running alongside a"Plate" style tournament for the next 12 strongest with a place in the next WC for the winners, replacing the "12th" team at the RWC of that year.

    A 12 team tournament incorporating 4 Pools of 3 teams would offer far more enticing games. Going on present rankings and taking geographic considerations into account , how about this for a World Cup Draw:

    PoolA : NZL / ENG / SCO

    PoolB : FRA / ARG / JPN

    PoolC : IRL / SAF / SAM

    PoolD : AUS / WLS / ITA

    Even still there could be a few walkovers, but you're assuredat least one quality game in every pool with only one team progressing to the Finals stage.

    Pool winners to Semis, non-qualifiers play off for 5th-8th and 9th - 12th.

    Maximum5 games.

    Such a condensed tournament would also open the possibility of staging it every two years. More countries could host the WC as not as many stadia are required, (4 - 6 at most) andthe whole thing shouldn't take up more than 3 weeks, thereby saving time on the rugby calendar, plus less fatigue on players. The "Plate" could run almost concurrently at smaller grounds.


      the qualifying games does encourage the sport in countries where it isn't usualy played though. The like of Canada, US, Uruguay and Romania are never going to win the competition but without the world cup they'd never get a chance of playing the big nationsand at least having their national teams mentioned on a world stage.
      I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I\'d rather dance with the cows until you come home.



        Originally posted by fozzie
        the qualifying games does encourage the sport in countries where it isn't usually played though. The like of Canada, US, Uruguay and Romania are never going to win the competition but without the world cup they'd never get a chance of playing the big nationsand at least having their national teams mentioned on a world stage.

        Unfortunately the only time these teams make headlines at home during the World Cup is when they suffer a 100pts.+ defeat to one of the major nations.

        If they won out or got a good run in the Plate against teams of similar strength that might encourage the game in such countries. It's worked out well in Sevens, and I doubt if any up and coming young sportsman in Uruguay would want to consider Rugby if his national team had made the headlines at home for going down 112-0 to South Africa or whoever. Nonetheless, if a compromise is forthcoming at least a 16 nation RWC is preferable to the present system,which has had the knock-on effect of giving Serge Blanco an excuse to undermine the HEC.