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    Erm, the elephant in the room is what happened subsequently at Bath. It may be that the reason they didn't throw themselves behind Stevens was the culture building up there was a worry and an example needed to be set. I don't think it's possible (or sensible) to judge what happened with Stevens in isolation any more.
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      Originally posted by Ja Boetie
      Bath leaked the story?? Why??

      A good excuse to get rid of him and scare others, plus theres no publicty like bad publicty.
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        Ah come on lads, you can't just say, "Bath leaked the story" and then back it up with f all. Talk some sense.

        Bath were shell shocked at the time and they did empathise with Matt but they had no option but to fire him. I can even remember their team manager saying they hoped Matt could recover from the ordeal. To say any other club would have dealt with it differently is horses**t.

        If Marcus or the Bull came out in the morning having tested positive for coke, and then admitted they had a problem, the IRFU would HAVE to terminate their contract, at least until they completed their ban.

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          Lets not forget one thing Stevens is a top-quality THP, of whom there are few around.

          If i were a CEO/Chairman/whatever LNBD is i'd be cosying up to him with a view to giving him a 2/3 yearcontract for either the start of 2010 season or certainly from Xmas time with a view to him being full integrated, fit and raring to go from whence his ban ends.


            Sale Sharks prop Jake Pope has been banned for six months after testing positive for cocaine for a second time.

            Pope is the first player to be found guilty of twice breaching the Rugby Football Union's illicit drugs policy.

            He is banned from 4 December 2018, the date of his provisional suspension, until 4 June 2019.

            "There are a lot of points that we’ve left behind and this is with a young group. That probably tells you what they’re capable of and that they’re a very good side.

            Probably next year or the year after next they will take some stopping"

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