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    Rob Andrew

    Andrew hits out at Woodward
    Tuesday 26th August 2008

    Andrew: Slams England's 2003 World Cup aftermath

    Rob Andrew claims Sir Clive Woodward's 2003 World Cup-winning coaching team left the England side in a "terrible state".

    Rugby Football Union (RFU) elite performance director Andrew believes a lack of foresight was to blame for England's terrible form in the aftermath of their Sydney triumph five years ago, when Woodward stepped down and Andy Robinson, who had worked under him, endured a thoroughly miserable spell as his successor.

    Andrew will deliver a progress report to RFU bosses at Twickenham on Thursday.

    "Without naming names, I do want to make the point that the 2003 World Cup coaching team effectively left no legacy to the English game," he told the Daily Mail.

    "As a result, the elite end of the sport in this country was in a terrible state.

    "I have no wish to personalise the issue.

    "There was no structure, no real long-term planning, no development strategy. When the edifice fell over after the 2003 World Cup, there was nothing behind it."

    Visionary leader or whinging little b***h?
    My computer thinks I'm gay
    What's the difference anyway
    When all the people do all day
    Is stare into a phone

    Old Rob must be begining to feel the heat.
    Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale



      Get your retaliation in first? He's up for a verbal kicking over being in charge of that shambles of a tour this summer. He's on fairly solid ground though because several of the players said the same thing straight after 2003. It's been an open criticism of Woodward ever since.


        Andrewis very much like our former Teflon taoiseach.He has been part of a failing set up for years and yet none of the s**t flying sticks to him. Johnson though will surely be more capable of dealing with him.
        My computer thinks I'm gay
        What's the difference anyway
        When all the people do all day
        Is stare into a phone



          The Irish Times - Tuesday, January 4, 2011

          Andrew in the RFU crosshairs
          PAUL REES

          RUGBY: ROB ANDREW will find out this week whether he has survived the sack following a strategic review by the English Rugby Football Union (RFU).

          John Steele, since taking over from Francis Baron last September as the body’s chief executive, has made a detailed study of how the union, which has more than 500 employees and eight directors on its board, operates, and will today submit a list of recommended changes to the RFU’s management board.

          Andrew came under fire last year after England’s autumn and Six Nations campaigns, with former national captain Lawrence Dallaglio leading the criticism of the elite rugby director.

          While England have performed well at age-group level since Andrew joined in 2006 – the Under-18s have lost only once in three years and the Under-20s have reached two World Cup finals – the senior side has not won the Six Nations since 2003 and some at the RFU feel a more experienced coach, such as Jake White, who led South Africa to the 2007 World Cup, would provide a stronger link with the management team.

          Steele has reviewed every department at Twickenham and all eight heads of the major departments, from elite rugby to communications, will be waiting nervously for the management board’s decision.

          They will be told on Thursday whether their positions will be affected.

          The RFU says the shake-up is not financially motivated, even though its turnover will suffer this year with no November internationals, citing Steele’s determination to appoint his own team and generally make the organisation less flabby.

          © 2011 Guardian Service

          Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale


            Not up on the finances of the RFU, but do remember when they rebuilt Twickers at first it was called a white elephant, and RFU would be in hock for years to come, within 5 years they had plans down for the full completion of it, (North stand) & were rolling in the cash, what was the change? Sky TV money? Certainly expanded the RFU it'self, 500 employees, lots of jobs for old boys there i'd say.


              What a whinger! Woodward got England a world cup admittedly he went to ridiculous levels to attain it but the bottom line is they won it.It wasnt up to him to put in place a legacy,with all the playing numbers they have and the huge money invested in the game there The ERFU (I refuse to call them by their own arrogant title) should have put a legacy in themselves. Robbie boy you and your masters should look in the mirror.



                The Irish Times - Thursday, January 6, 2011

                Andrew's position set to be redefined

                ENGLISH RUGBY: ROB ANDREW’S position at the Rugby Football Union (RFU) in England is set to be redefined after chief executive John Steele received the go-ahead to make significant changes to the senior management structure.

                Steele launched a comprehensive review of the RFU when he took over at Twickenham four months ago and yesterday presented his findings to the board of directors in Birmingham.

                The former UK Sport boss set out to strengthen the RFU in preparation for England staging the 2015 World Cup and his recommendations were unanimously approved.

                Andrew’s wide-ranging role as England’s elite rugby director, which he has held since beating Clive Woodward to the appointment in 2006, is one of those to have come under the microscope.

                The RFU will not confirm any details of the changes until this afternoon, giving Steele a chance to speak to staff directly.

                Andrew is not expected to be leaving the RFU but he is set to receive a new brief, with Steele’s plan to include the creation of a new performance director post.

                Steele said: “I am delighted that the board unanimously accepted my recommendations for change.

                “We have a hugely exciting five years ahead of us and I want to make sure we are in the best possible shape to seize the opportunity a home World Cup gives us to grow and develop the game from the grassroots to the elite level.

                “The changes we agreed will deliver a simpler management structure with clearer leadership and are changes that are right for rugby and right for the RFU.”

                It has been suggested the performance director role could appeal to someone of Woodward’s experience.

                England’s 2003 World Cup-winning coach is currently employed as elite performance director at the British Olympic Association.

                The recommendations have not affected Martin Johnson and the England coaching team, who will remain in place until at least the World Cup later this year.

                But there has been speculation the new structure could now see Johnson report directly to Steele, the former Northampton outhalf and coach.

                Those changes would fit with Steele’s plan to streamline the management structure.

                Former England captain Lawrence Dallaglio last night backed Steele’s plans to shake up the RFU’s executive structure in order to give England the best chance of success on home soil in four years.

                “It is important we strive to improve all the time on and off the field. England have a very successful structure from the bottom up but not from the top down,” Dallaglio said.

                Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale



                  RFU in executive reshuffle
                  Thursday, January 06, 2011 - 04:08 PM

                  England rugby coach Martin Johnson will have a new boss after the Rugby Football Union’s chief executive John Steele confirmed plans to redefine Rob Andrew’s current role and appoint a new performance director.

                  Steele has spent the last four months conducting a comprehensive review of the organisation and his plans to restructure the RFU’s executive management were yesterday approved by the board.

                  Andrew’s current wide-ranging position as England’s director of elite rugby, which he has held since August 2006, has been scrapped and the whole elite department revamped.

                  Steele has decided to create a single rugby department divided into the areas of performance, operations and development with the emphasis on ``delivering rugby at all levels''.

                  Each area will have its own director and those positions will be advertised from next week. It is understood Andrew has been invited to apply for the role of operations director.

                  Johnson, the England team manager, will report into the new performance director. The position, which is not expected to be filled until the summer, has been linked to Sir Clive Woodward.

                  England’s 2003 World Cup-winning coach is currently the elite performance director at the British Olympic Association.

                  Woodward missed out on a return to the RFU four years ago when Andrew was appointed elite rugby director.

                  Steele has also created two new roles – chief commercial officer and chief financial officer – as he bids to ensure the RFU is in the best position to build towards hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

                  Nick Eastwood, the current finance director, has been invited to apply for the new enhanced position.

                  The reorganisation has led to a number of executive redundancies, including community rugby director Andrew Scoular, tournament and competitions director Terry Burwell and elite teams media director Richard Prescott.

                  RFU chairman Martyn Thomas said: “The changes we are making signal a changing of the guard and the new refreshed leadership team will give the RFU new impetus and a clearer strategic direction not just at the elite end of the game but across the whole game.

                  “We will emerge from the next few months a stronger, more effective union and John is to be applauded for taking the tough decisions needed to get there and for delivering the changes in a way that is cost neutral to the business.”

                  Read more: tive-reshuffle-488274.html#ixzz1AGy58qQ4
                  Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale


                    The English RFU finally wake up to the Andrew chap. Not good news for other 6N sides
                    My computer thinks I'm gay
                    What's the difference anyway
                    When all the people do all day
                    Is stare into a phone



                      Originally posted by sewa
                      The English RFU finally wake up to the Andrew chap. Not good news for other 6N sides

                      Agreed, ol' Baby Face should be a Fianna Fail minister given his failure to take responsibility for screw ups and pass the blame to others.
                      \"This year is different because this year they won\'t beat snow off a rope. They\'ll revert back to type and get 6 shades of s**t bate out of them in the group stages of the HEC ...\" Tobyglen 21 Sept 2010


                        Wouldn't be at all surprised if he was given the Ops Director
                        role. I reckon he must have pictures of somebody in a
                        compromising position.



                          Andrew poised for new RFU post
                          Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 09:29 AM

                          Rob Andrew is understood to have been appointed as the Rugby Football Union’s new director of rugby operations, with confirmation due later today.

                          Andrew’s current role as elite rugby director was made redundant in a management shake-up implemented by chief executive John Steele, following a wide-ranging review of the union.

                          The elite rugby department was split into three areas: performance, operations and development.

                          Andrew was invited to apply for the operations role after putting in place the structures and negotiating the agreements with Premiership Rugby that have underpinned England’s success this season.

                          The new position includes those responsibilities as well as overseeing tournaments and competitions, referee and coach development, sports science, medicine and player welfare.

                          It is understood Andrew has come through a competitive selection process. The RFU will also confirm the identity of the new development director, responsible for the community game, later today.

                          The recruitment process for the high-profile position of performance director, a role heavily linked with Sir Clive Woodward, has been delayed by a couple of months.

                          The RFU said some of the key candidates had been unable to take enough time out from their rugby schedules to complete the interview process, which takes around a day and a half.

                          Andrew will relinquish direct responsibility for England’s elite teams to the performance director, having delivered a Six Nations title and an Under-20s Grand Slam.

                          In his previous role, Andrew negotiated the English Qualified Player (EQP) scheme and a deal with the Premiership clubs to secure England additional access to players.

                          Andrew believes he will leave a strong legacy for the new performance director.

                          “It has been an extraordinary 12 months for this group of players to get where they have, notwithstanding the defeat to Ireland on Saturday,” said Andrew.

                          “If you had said this time last year we would win away in the southern hemisphere for the first time since 2003, have our biggest win ever against Australia at Twickenham and win the Six Nations in a World Cup year with a lot of young players we’d have all said that would be very, very good.

                          “The process of development is very strong. We won the Under-20 Grand Slam on Friday and we have a tremendous crop of young players coming through the system.”

                          Read more: d-for-new-rfu-post-498323.html#ixzz1HPmjCW1v
                          Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale


                            Oh dear [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]
                            My computer thinks I'm gay
                            What's the difference anyway
                            When all the people do all day
                            Is stare into a phone




                              what does that make our lads?

                              Elite performance, operations and development....[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img][img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

                              what a load of utter bollix...tis just a game lads not a military operation..... talking of which did anyone see that "Coalition" c-180 yoke on rté news? its propellers were hardly moving yet still it was in travelling fierce handy like...and i was only drinking green tea at the time-it reminded me of the plane i got from shannon to manchester recently-fecking noisy yoke en all[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

                              If the lessons of history teach us anything it is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us.