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    Tom Rees

    Rees' clean break - 'Welcome to the Hotel We Don't Want Ya'</font>

    Wednesday December 20th 2006</font>

    THERE was a certain degree of sympathy for Andy Robinson following his
    resignation/removal as England coach. Adhering to the 'don't kick a man
    when he's down' philosophy, many of Robinson's harshest critics during
    his disastrous tenure subsequently described him as the 'victim of a
    flawed system' - once they knew he was safely gone.

    However, the complete lack of people skills that hindered Robinson's
    reign was further emphasised by a story that emerged at the weekend
    regarding Wasps flanker Tom Rees.

    Apparently, Rees was feverishly anticipating making his England
    debut against South Africa last month only to be told that he had been
    axed from the squad - by the hotel cleaner.

    According to an England source: "Tom was waiting in his room at the
    squad's Marlow-based hotel when a cleaner came in. The cleaner
    expressed surprise to find the room still occupied but when Tom
    explained that he was with the England squad and hopeful of being
    selected to face South Africa, the cleaner told him there had to be
    some mistake as 'England have checked out this room'.

    "Tom was stunned and just stood there gathering his thoughts. Sure
    enough, when he investigated further with the management, he'd been
    checked out. Not required."

    Rees returned to Wasps seeking solace only to discover that his club
    had assumed he would be with England and had left him out of their
    match squad that weekend.

    Robinson's successor Brian Ashton would do well to heed the mantra
    regularly delivered by Irish womenfolk to their errant partners: "All
    it takes is a phone call." </font>

    What a lousy way to find out you were not in the squad.
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      Fittingly he got cleaned out.



        Sort of reminds me of Donnacha not getting a text about 2 years ago.


          I'm trying to think of worse.

          Turning up in the dressing room to find a "23" jersey hanging on your peg? [img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img]

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