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    Just booked flights, out 20th Sept, back 14th Oct - €682 return on Via dusseldorf on way out to Narita, back from Haneda via Munich.


      Any advice on what cities to visit / avoid in Japan. Probably have a week to be doing touristy stuff between matches....


        Even though I lived there for 10 years, never did a whole lot of travel internally so I am planning on doing the whole tourist thing this time out... After the kobe game v russia you have 10 days to go via Kyoto / Nara to Hiroshima & Nagasaki. If you're Tokyo based Nikko is a nice overnight trip (scenery etc) and Mt Fuji is a day trip. Within Tokyo, depends on your interests. temples in asakusa, not sure if Akihabara is still the district for electronics. In the 90's it was a warren of little alleys where you could buy all sorts of electronics / components. Shibuya / shinjuku are worth a visit Shibuya 109 is the iconic crossroads often seen in movies.
        For traditional Japanese pub / pub food Andy's in yurakucho is a good night.

        I'm thinking of cycling to all the games as there is a nice geographic spread, leave Tokyo after Scotland game -> Shizuoka for Japan game -> then to Kobe for Russia game. 10 days until last group game to take in Hiroshima etc then bullet train back to Tokyo for an over 50's rugby game on 13th Oct.


          What about a place to stay in Tokyo? Any ideas