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RWC19- Refereeing Ranting :)

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    Originally posted by Ron Swanson View Post
    Full speed running was the mitigation apparently
    What on earth?


      Originally posted by Daithi View Post
      Jaysus, Payper (view) is a really sh1te ref .... how he got a RWC quarter final I just dunno....

      In the ~ last 10 mins of play alone he's mistaken a Welsh knock on, left them away with 2 clear ruck offences right in front of his gob (rucking beyond the ball & shoulder clean out on the ground) & then along with the tmo ignored the ball going forward from the rip leading directly to the critical try...

      such a pity, as a really great game, but hampered by rubbish refereeing imho.
      Agree with the ruck offences. But, I think the rip went backwards/flat.


        Originally posted by In Joe we trust View Post

        Who the hell knows these day....Barnes was letting high tackles on players jumping for the ball and not calling for penalties.
        Barnes was very sloppy today. His decisions did not affect the outcome but that is not the point. It was a poor display.
        I am not a lover of constant TMO referrals, but if you have one you might as well use him for tight decisions. That is why he is there.
        He (Barnes) missed a fair bit of dangerous play and largely ignored the offside law.
        Erse end of nowhere


          Originally posted by The Last Stand View Post

          Agree with the ruck offences. But, I think the rip went backwards/flat.

          Jeez I'm not sure about that at all!? Look at highlights clip above from 1min25sec on. Both the on field and overhead camera appear to confirm that the ball was ripped forward I.e. ripped @ ~4m from the French line & Tipuric gathers at ~3-3.5m from the French line =„Äč forward pass, no try imo.

          The fact that the Welsh scrum half moves backwards as the ball is ripped forward further leads me to believe it went a bit forward due to one of the principles of newtonian physics I.e for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction.

          (Overhead view of rip at 10.50 here)

          P p s. It's also a bit fishy that the official highlights reel doesn't show the overhead camera footage of all of the ball flight imho (it just shows ball on the way up &cuts there)..... you'd have to wonder is it because it shows evidence that the officials fupped up yet again at this RWC!?!
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          Munster were great when they were Munster.

          alas they are just north munster now.......