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How not to run a club (Goodbye Orrell)

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    How not to run a club (Goodbye Orrell)

    <DIV ="TailParas">AS THE recriminations continue over Orrell's 'orrible demise, Maurice Lindsay, chairman of rugby league's Wigan Warriors, absolves himself from any blame and points the finger instead at the union club's former committee. </DIV>
    <DIV ="TailParas">Once an arm of Dave Whelan's footballing empire, Orrell are giving up professionalism as a bad job and resurfacing as an amateur club playing social rugby eight divisions beneath the Premiership. Lindsay said: 'Dave blew £3million on Orrell and I blew three years of my life. We built an exciting team but couldn't get anyone to watch. It was like squeezing a dry orange.' Lindsay puts the blame fairly and squarely on the shoulders of those running the club during the early years of professionalism. 'The Orrell boys of that time have a lot to answer for,' he said. 'When we went in to rescue the club they had already sold the land at Edge Hall Road to a developer for £600,000. 'We offered 10 per cent more but they rejected it, which was a silly mistake. We gave every club member £1,000 for the management rights to run the club and the queue must have stretched half way down to Twickenham. 'That was another £500,000 and only about a third of the 500 members came to watch the team play. Poor old Dave Whelan went to some games and never got offered a cup of tea by the committee, which was pretty dumb. </DIV>
    <DIV ="TailParas">'We could not have done more but to listen to some people you'd think we had done some raping and pillaging. I want to put the record straight. We were the ones who got raped and pillaged.' </DIV>
    Seas suas agus troid!

    Orrell bid farewell to groundOnce
    mighty Orrell will reluctantly say farewell to Edge Hall Road on
    Saturday when they play their final game at the famous old ground
    against Morley. Orrell, who have already been relegated from National
    Three North, have confirmed that they will merge with the Anvils, an
    off-shoot club, next season, and play at the St John Rigby College
    ground to maintain a rugby union presence in the town.Orrell
    have not won a league game this season and shipped 100 points on three
    occasions recently. They are due to play in North One next season but
    have requested permission to drop down to South Lancashire/Cheshire
    League Two in an attempt to regroup.Relegation
    means a sorry end to Orrell's 80th anniversary celebrations but their
    supporters intend to hold a farewell party to Edge Hall Road and to
    remove property owned by the club after the Morely game. David Whelan,
    the chairman of Wigan Athletic football club, bought the ground five
    years ago and Orrell have since played there as tenants.Orrell
    have promised that the Morely game will go ahead as planned even though
    they were forced to cry off last Saturday's game against Darlington
    because they could not raise a side with several players injured and
    others away on holiday from university.