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    Originally posted by Old Dog View Post
    So it appears - but I'm sure that they'll get there in the end. They have focused on getting the financial and coaching arrangements bedded down first. I see that they'll be playing 3 games in Singapore each year, I wonder will they flog one to Hong Kong too.
    There was a real lack of surety in what I read - concern that the Tri-Nations will be pared back to domestic pro leagues and that the Saffer goose is cooked.
    Gwan Joe!!


      Japanese Super Rugby team is to be named this:

      Click image for larger version

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      The name is a hybrid comprising the blazing icon of the 'Land of the Rising Sun' and a wolf which represents a pack hunting mentality and a dedicated team ethos of protecting one another.

      The striking logo depicts the breaking of a new dawn for Japanese rugby and a fearsome representation of the team's desired playing style as they seek to utilise speed, unity and a fearless spirit to face their challenges.
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        Brilliant! It's like an 80s rock band! :)

        Japan could be quite a force by the time they host the RWC.


          John McKee likely coach for them plus the national team.


            Things not all well in Safferland

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