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Heineken Cup review, a French viewpoint

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    Heineken Cup review, a French viewpoint

    Rugby - European Cup - the eye of the consultant

    Laurent Bénézech reconsiders the quarterfinals of Cut of Europe disputed this weekend. Our consultant evokes in particular the absence of the French clubs in semi-final for the first time since the creation of the competition: “a failure which, I hope for it, will not have a continuation.”

    “The Stade Francais battled well on the ground of Leicester, in vain. Isn't this yet more frustrating for the players?

    Of course that it is frustrating to lose of only one point but the Parisian ones can have satisfaction to have very given against a large machine which was difficult to operate. They were rather opportunist attacks some - the test of Hernandez
    and the drop of Skrela was not obvious whole to put - and very powerful in defense - English rammings generally appeared sterile. The only regret which can exist, perhaps, it is that in the moments when the Parisian ones made play, they succeeded in creating problems and to make doubt English. However, that it is Dominici or Arias, these two wingers were not solicited much in roles of organizers. Generally, the Parisian ones played in a traditional way, with near with the fronts or in penetration on the level of the center. Even if that is easier to say than to make, perhaps that they would have had, with the image of the some interventions of Hernandez, to try to put a little more madness on this match so that the speed of their back triangle makes more suffer powerful the three-quarter from Leicester.

    What to think of the service of Biarritz vis-a-vis the last team of the English Championship, Northampton?

    Biarrots were very disappointing on this match vis-a-vis a team of Northampton which, if it “rotted” the play of the Basques very well, did not show large thing for as much. Biarrots were seen surely already in semi-final vis-a-vis
    adversaries which they estimated more at their level, Wasps. Blow, they missed patience and of discipline, forcing master keys or trying a little too individually to beat an adversary which they thought of controlling. They should have been
    pressed in a more systematic way on balloons carried in order to progress sufficiently in the unfavourable camp to get occasions. Instead of that, they were too quickly irritated by the always whistled English faults step, it is true, and
    tried in a too individual way to save the fatherland. It missed a heart with this team and especially the flame which made that, last season, the pack biarrot swept all on its passage.

    Do criticisms of Patrice Lagisquet towards the referee of the meeting, the Irishman Alain Rolland seem to you they justified?

    It is true that the will systematically to slow down the play, in particular by acts of anti-play, was obvious English side. One also found an arbitration which whistled the string of faults little, which resulted in to rebalance a match which should not have been it. From there to shout with the plot! Patrice Lagisquet goes a little quickly works hard about it more especially as, if its fronts had maitrisé their subject as much as last season, the English would have had evil to act thus. Consequently, the subject of the arbitration would never have been tackled.

    Is it inevitably necessary to deduce a retreat from it from tricolour Rugby on the European scene?

    For this season, it is an obviousness. For the first time of the history, France will not have any club in semi-final of H-Cup. It is a failure which, I hope for it, will not have a continuation. Now, that is explained. It should be seen that
    the season was built for the team of France and that the clubs have, initially, played much, too even, to find itself then, in February and March, without playing of the whole. Blow, with this quarterfinal which was one week after the first match o

    Was he pissed when he gave that interview?[img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]


      Reads like Borat...


        methinks I spot a google/bablefish translation in evidence [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]
        Plato: \"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.\"



          Originally posted by lahinch_lass
          methinks I spot a google/bablefish translation in evidence [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

          Of course it is.