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    Successful rugby coaches

    Graham Henry salutes Warren Gatland's 100th Test landmark and tips the Wales boss to break his record

    Not the most memorable of games to hit the 100 tests as coach, last night in the Wales v Tonga borefest. But his stats look pretty good as a coach. So, how does Warren Gatland rate as one of today's top rugby coaches? Graham Henry speaks highly of Gatland in the article below, is he right?
    Cé go bhfuil an namhaid trampled underfoot mo thír, fhios ag an teanga d'aois na Breataine Bige aon Retreat. Evan James 1856

    Gatland though I think has a long way to go before catching this lot up :

    For interest’s sake, look at the most successful international rugby coaches of all time. There are some surprises:

    * Freddy Allen (All Blacks 1966-1968) – 14 internationals, 14 wins – 100%.
    * Alex Wyllie (All Blacks 1988-1991) – 29-25 – 86.2%
    * Graham Henry (All Blacks 2004-2011) – 103-88 – 85.3%
    * John Mitchell (All Blacks 2001-2003) – 28-23 – 83.1%
    * Neil McPhail (All Blacks 1961-1965) – 20-16 – 80%
    * Rod Macqueen (Wallabies 1997-2001) – 43-34 – 79.1%
    * Brian Lochore (All Blacks 1985-1987) – 18-14 – 77.7%
    * Alan Jones (Wallabies 1984-1987) – 30-23 – 76.67%
    * John Hart (All Blacks 1996-1999) – 41-31 – 75.6%
    * Jack Rowell (England 1994-1997) – 29-21 – 72.4%
    * Clive Woodward (England 1997-2004) – 83-59 – 71.1%
    * Nick Mallett (Springboks 1997-2000) – 38-27 – 71.1%
    * And Wayne Smith (All Blacks 2000-2001) – 17-12 – 70.6%

    Five All Black coaches head the elite, with eight in the top 13, suggesting New Zealand has the best rugby coaches in the world. Or the best players. Or a combination of both.?

    As Wales Head Coach Graham Henry 1998-2002

    Played 34, Won 20 Drawn 1 Lost 13

    So, is Graham the most succesful coach of the modern era, or was he working with some particularly special all blacks in NZ ?
    Cé go bhfuil an namhaid trampled underfoot mo thír, fhios ag an teanga d'aois na Breataine Bige aon Retreat. Evan James 1856


      Yea but you have to take the players available to the coach into account. You can't look at simple win/loss ratio between nations of significantly differnt ressources. Any NZ head coach whatever the era will have an embarassement of riches. The worst NZ squad would still have far more talent and depth than any Wales or Ireland squad. Until recently NZ were winning Junior RWC's continuously - a conveyer belt of talent. Their teams were regularly the best in Super rugby. Looking back pre-professinalism, the Ozzies record were more impressive considering their more restrained resoures (4th most popular field sport v N1 in NZ).

      Gatland has achieved miracles with Wales IMO. It's easy to say that this Welsh squad is good now but Gatland made them. He has built a squad out of players who were average or below average at club level and without any significant underage sucess. Just compare what sucesive Irish coaches have done with more resources and there is no comparison. Gatland took 13 Ospreys and made them GS champions when at thattime the O's couldn't get out of the their H-Cup group and regularly got their asses handed to them by Munster. He gets a very bad press in Ireland due to comments he's made about his time here and the Briangate incident (which he was 100% correct on - if only the Irish coaches would have the balls) but he's one of the best head coaches the game in NH has seen. He's also surrounded himself with good innovative assistants e.g. Edwards.
      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again (like picking Gordon D'Arcy) and expecting different results.
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