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Who Would You Back To Win The HC ?

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    Originally posted by the plastic paddy View Post
    Very well reasoned, however the only bit I would disagree with is the GS. Even with Eng and France away I really fancy Ireland to win the GS this year, Leinster and Ulster are playing very well and Munster while not performing brilliantly are winning and the Ireland captain is playing as well as anyone

    The very large hump on our back is winning in Paris, in both warm-up matches for the RWC, France were home and hosed by HT, unless the French players take time to bed in with St. Andre, would expect the French winning streak to continue.


      Seriously how can you think Ireland will win a GS? Ulster are playing rubbish, Leinster are playing a style of rugby that is totally different to Munster and even though it's been far more successul we still try to play a more Munster style for Ireland.