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    Originally posted by plastic View Post
    Guessing no one has seen him play in the Japanese league ????
    seems odd they would let him go
    with super rugby just starting, guess Racing didn’t have too many options
    True, but a little web search indicates he played in four of their 10 games, and scored 72 of their 500 points. 37 next week, the Kobe stealers website says he’ll be back next year- interview says he was looking forward to the off season but worried how he’d keep fit. I’d be happy if we were facing him in HCUP final.


      Larochelle play a great brand of rugby for the neutral to watch.

      ROG could be the perfect coach for them because they play more like a SH team than any other in the NH.


        Delighted for Cleremont all the sweeter for watching la rochelle pack coached by kiwi SPOOFER johhno gibbs IMO on a par with Vern Cotter as an over paid bluffer lining his pockets wish I could do it