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Who ate all the doughnuts?

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    Who ate all the doughnuts?

    From the Telegraph...
    Fewer doughnuts spark better form
    Coventry's recent improved form — seven consecutive home wins in National One — can be attributed to cutting doughnuts out of their diet, says new owner Andrew Green.
    Green was horrified to discover that his players were gorging themselves on doughnuts before matches, but that has all changed since leading sports nutritionist John Williams joined the club.
    "The players felt sluggish in the early stages of a game, which was no surprise," says Green. "We decided to bring in John and it's no surprise that after two or three weeks, flanker John O'Connor scored a hat-trick of tries in the first 16 minutes against Sedgley Park. The difference in the way we have been starting games compared to the early season is there to be seen."
    Is that our John O'Connor who left last year?

    Indeed it is. Think most of the Irish in Div 1 went to Rotherham but not him.
    Shameless self promotion time ladies and gents!
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      did they really need a sports nutritionist to come in and tell them thatits wrong to be eating loads of doughnuts before a game?!

      also i believe mike umaga was training them up until recently,up to the point where the owners found out he was supplying the players with other substances before matches,and not of the pastry kind!
      g\'wan bruff!!

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