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    Paddy Reid RIP

    It is with great sadness that Garryowen FC announce the passing of Paddy Reidy on 8th January. RIP. Funeral details to follow.

    I had the privilege of knowing Paddy for 40 odd years, he was a great rugby man with a world of stories. He won a Grand Slam in 1948 and went to rugby league afterwards. He played with Halifax and Huddersfield and played at Wembley in the cup final. He was an uncompromising yet very skilful centre. When the game went pro and all the sins were forgiven the powers that be took him in from the cold and he was Munster Branch President.

    A proud Limerick man, a Garryowen man and a Parish man. RIP.
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      A great Limerickman. RIP.

      From a nice (if rose-tinted) article in the Indo from 2009, on the eve of the Grand Slam finale against Wales. And some nice yarns from his own Slam season.
      "I played schools against Declan Kidney's father," he grins. "And I think Kidney's put some of the camaraderie of Munster into Ireland now. I'd love to see them win the Grand Slam. And I think they will. I actually don't see a weak link on the Irish team.

      "Gatland? I wouldn't take any notice of him. Sure wouldn't he coach China if he got paid. Anyway, he's not playing. More's the pity too."

      He sees us to the door, tip-toeing down the steps into the street like a man with low mileage in his shoes. The sun splashes its welcome and Paddy Reid offers a jaunty grin

      "You know something?" he says. "I think rugby is the most wonderful game in the world. I'd still be happier at a Munster Junior Cup match than I would be at a soccer international. Because you'll always meet somebody.

      "Isn't it good to be alive!" he laughs.

      The years dwindle, the greatness stays undimmed.
      "I don't believe in fairytales," O'Connell once told me, "even though it feels like I've been lucky enough to live through a few. However it ends, I'll feel lucky."
      Donald McRae, Guardian Rugby, October 2015


        R.i.p Paddy


          real gent shamefully treated by the powers that be but no bitterness