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    North Munster Cup draws are out

    U13. Cup.
    A. Thomond v Garryowen
    B. Shannon Blue v Ennis
    C. Ballina/Killaloe v Ul bohs
    D. Shannon Black v Bruff
    E. Young Munster v garryowen white

    F. Nenagh v E
    G. Newcastle west v B
    H. Old Crescent v C
    I. D v A

    Semifinal G v H
    Semifinal. I v F

    U14 Cup.
    A. Garryowen v Nenagh
    B. Newcastle west v young Munster
    C. Kilrush v Shannon

    D. St Senans v Ul bohs Richmond
    E. C v A
    F. B v Ennis
    G. Bruff v old Crescent

    Semifinal. G v F
    Semifinal. E v D

    U15 Cup
    A. Bruff v Old Crescent
    B. Ul bohs v Shannon Black
    C. St Senans v Nenagh

    D. Ballina/ Killaloe v B.
    E. Shannon Blue v young Munster
    F. A. v Newport
    G. C. V Ennis

    Semifinal D v E
    Semifinal. G v F

    U16. Closed Cup.
    A. St Senans v Newcastle west
    B. Garryowen v Bruff
    C. Kilrush v Nenagh
    D. Old Crescent/Ul bohs v Ennis

    Semifinal. A v C
    Semifinal. D v B

    U16 Open Cup
    A. Old Crescent v kilrush
    B. Bruff v Shannon
    C. Garryowen v Ul bohs
    D. Ennis v St Senans

    Semifinal. C v B
    Semifinal. D v A

    U18 Closed Cup
    A. Bruff v Ennis
    B. Garryowen v Shannon /St Mary’s
    C. Old Crescent v Nenagh
    D. Young Munster

    Semifinal. Young Munster v B
    Semifinal. A v C

    U18s open Cup
    A. Shannon v Old Crescent
    B. Young Munster v Ennis
    C. Garryowen v Garryowen/Thomond
    D. Bruff

    Semifinal Bruff v C
    Semifinal B v A


      Cobh beat Nenagh in cashel today in 18s cup


        Originally posted by ormond lad View Post
        Cobh beat Nenagh in cashel today in 18s cup
        The Final will be a repeat of the U16 final from 2 years ago.. Ennis vs Cobh


          U16 & 18 Cup & Bowl finals on this weekend at IIP
          Nulla semper amicus, servivit mihi, in iniuriam mihi neminem quem non persolvi


            When the Covid 19 restrictions are relaxed and meetings can take place the people involved in age grade rugby both youths and schools should meet with the rugby committee and work out a viable solution to the issue of players within rugby playing schools. This should not be a case of exclusively playing for club club or school but must be aimed at providing a game that will keep the young players involved after age grade.
            Only a very small percentage of players coming through from age grade will make it in the professional level but the vast majority if kept in the game will keep our clubs alive into the future or else other codes will simply pick off our players as they leave the game