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Warrenball won't be enough. (Gameplan to beat the Kiwis)

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    Originally posted by redherring View Post
    He will now that Sam Jones has broken his leg and Haskell crocked as well. From what I've watched of Warburton over the last 12 months he's been really poor. Tipuric is suited to an open game. I can't see his value against that All Blacks back row bar maybe the last 20 of a match.
    Haskell, Clifford, Jones and Underhill all injured as far as I know. Anyway, we'll see how the season plays out but looking at it now, if I had to bet, my money would be firmly on Warbs (probably as captain) as nobody world class has emerged and he's a Gatland favourite who has delivered for him in the past.

    On the other hand I would bet that O'Brien wont start the first test even if I didn't have to. He has an awful lot to show this season and also has to stay fit. He plays a very attritional game. Furthermore, Gatland hasn't favoured him in the past so it's unlikely that he'll start now.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I don't see how Sean O'Brien will be a first choice starter for the Lions no matter what happens over the rest of the season. Even with a permanent move to blindside to accommodate Van Der Flier he would be competing with POM and Stander and in that case I'm not sure if he makes the Ireland XV. Long way out to call it and a lot of games to play but I just don't see it happening. Lions squad yes, starting place, no.