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Gatland lets big (Lions) cat out of bag

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    Originally posted by Evil Omer View Post
    sorry but hindsight being massively thrown in there. At the time he was turfed out Gatland had brought us the 14 man lineout, defeat in Lens and a blown GS that was there for the taking. He was not a great coach at that point and was failing. Until EOS joined the coaching staff Ireland were rubbish. Being sacked by Ireland made Gatland and the revisionist idea that we blew having a great coach is just that I'm afraid, revisionist. Gatland was going nowhere near a GS with Ireland, apart from the one he blew by dropping half the side for no reason.
    When he started, he inherited not only a crap group of players, but a rugby system that hadn't yet looked professionalism in the face - what he was expected to do with the pile of horse ****e he had in 99 I don't know. The gears started to grind, and Gatland's improved structure and introduction of a new host of players was the real catalyst for the improvement in Irish rugby. To say it was EOS made the Irish team good all of a sudden is a load of crap.

    The supposed lost Grand Slam was in the year of the foot and mouth when the Scotland game came half a year after the last match, so it's not as if he changed up the team in the middle of a championship. He managed to help the team to beat England (the world class version, not the jokeshop EOS's teams beat) and France twice (Never once did an EOS team beat them, in fact we got implosion after implosion). Gatland had shown that ability to prep his teams to beat the top sides, and has been a regular trait in his Welsh side. It was the hallmark failure of the EOS era, and something Woods was never involved with again after Gatland left. It was a personal move to get him sacked, led by Woods, and got shown up for the cock of a decision that it was.

    Gatland has proven himself as a winner, unlike Woods, EOS and many more spoofers in Irish Rugby who led the crusade against him after he made a winners decision.
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