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Lions: More players from England than Wales

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    Lions: More players from England than Wales

    The Daily Telegraph has exclusively revealed that there are more players from England than Wales on the Lions tour.

    Whilst other media outlets were pre-occupied with which country the Lions actually played for - with a brilliant statistical manouvere and using the players country of birth instead - the English Torygraph reversed a 15-10
    advantage for Wales into a 10-9 advantage for England.

    Ireland(already disgracefully under represented) with 9 players saw their number fall to 8 as the Torygraph, in the Rugby equivalent of the Balfour Declaration, placed Israel on the map with the (extremely meaningful) re-allocation of Jamie Heaslip.

    The full ToryGraph table.

    England 10
    Wales 9
    Ireland 8
    New Zealand 3
    South Africa 2
    Scotland 2
    Tonga 2
    Samoa 2
    Israel 1

    Originally Posted by mr chips
    AG gets the responses he does because he is a journalist..