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Munster A v leinster a


  • Munster A v Leinster A Match Report

    Right this will be muddled, but my initial thoughts.

    Pitch was like tarmac, and small. Ingoal areas were tiny. Penney watched both halves from behind our own goal posts, with a hood over his head (looked like the grim reaper)

    Both sides bought into the conditions and played attacking, quick rugby. There was shadow boxing going on for the majority of the 1st half, sizing each other up. Young Conway latched onto some sloppy played and scythed his way under the posts. The lad has serious wheels, small, but lightning.

    Reid was very vocal for Shelbyville, not nearly was willowy in reality as appeared on telly. Munster had slightly more possession and position in the opening half, but I wouldnt say it was a classic half of rugby. Paulie was, as usual, noisy & active. Carried a bit more than usual I felt and gave one Woody-esque pop ball to release John Ryan deep into the leinster 22. Twas a lovely move.

    Ryan had a really really mighty performance, carried a shytload in midfield, made himself available as much as Killer in a similar role and locked out the scrum. There was a notable drop in performance once he left the fray, coupla proviso's though: Leinster are feeding the weakling academy props to the likes of McGrath and Furlong. We have nothing, nothing in the build and bulk of the starting Leinster A front row today. 3 brawny boys.

    Dave Foley was like a spring Lamb, he appeared to steal a fistful of Leinster ball. I think its because he's a lanky lad they can launch him into orbit. Dougall and Ronan were like two lads returning from injury, put themselves about, but only started to really show the goods in the second half, particularly Dougall who ended the game carrying and bustling like a tank. He has a superb ground technique, but it needs honing because he ends up supporting his weight with his arms a fraction too much, prob exuberance and adrenalin.

    Stander was somewhat quiet in the opening half but really I thought he was ferocious in the second. Not necessarily sure he's the wrecking ball carrier youtube would have us believe, or at least we havent had too many opportunities to manufacture those scenarios for him. What he did show today though was strength, Leams/Ferris level strength. He rips as he tackles, he trucks up poor slow ball, he hits like a house, and he's a bollox in a ruck. He and Dougall got the full 80, and I'm hoping thats a sign.

    Sheridan captained the side today and was bustling and busy, quick delivery with a few wayward ones, but the wind really was gusty.

    JJ, ran the show while he was on. Had the wind behind him in the first and I think, was told to keep hold of the pill instead of playing territory. His passing off both hands is crisp and snappy. Can take it to the line and laser out to support players. He also never shuts the fuq up: Defensive scrum on half way, gave out to Luke for positioning, told Sheridan watch a blindside break, told the back row to arrive in time, and then told Dineen where to stand :_wave__rvmp_by_bad_ His last act was a good touchline effort from Danny Barnes' score. He looked gutted to be walking off.

    Ivan Dineen is quick, and has hands. Was involved in an awful lot of our attacking play, we made most gains through their centres, although I thought Reid was a bit better than those around him.

    Danny Barnes,see Dineen thoughts above.

    Johne will never be a 15.

    Luke is fearless, and looks more a product of the Leinster academy than ours, for a short guy he has a massive leap for the high ball. Was subbed on 38 mins, think it was an arm injury.

    O'Mahony is akin to LOD, steppy, stocky and smart with the ball in play. His try was as close to the Penneyball model as I've seen all season, lots of angles, running at space and generally it was produced from sheer mayhem on our behalf. Set the tone for the second half.

    The Leinster lads that I noticed playing well:

    Front row, particularly the front row that finished the game. Puddney boys.

    Openside, was more impressed with him than any other Leinster forward, seems to be a bright young buck and troublesome on the floor.

    Scrum half, good all rounder, good kicker.

    Leinster were lethal for picking off scraps and capitalising, JJ made a half break inside their 10M line, tried a backhand switch with Dineen (I think) which went to no one. Leinster pounced on it and flicked it to the outhalf who was gone for dust, young Scanlon couldnt catch him.

    I dunno if it was the size of the field or the less physical opposition, but this Munster team seemed to be able to straighten more of the lateral play that has haunted us. Paulie, Stander, Scanlon and JJ all tried to go against the grain a fair bit more and kept the ball moving at the same time.

    All told it was a very enjoyable way to not be sat at my desk.
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