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  • Important notice for everyone going to the semi-final

    Important notice for everyone going to the semi-final


    TÉLÉCHARGEMENT ET/OU ENVOI AU BENEFICIAIRE (From the lnr site's faqs- Enregister votre e-ticket sur votre ordinateur ou envoyer le directement au bénéficiaire A chaque téléchargement, un nouveau code barre est systématiquement généré. Seul le dernier billet téléchargé pourra passer les contrôles de sécurité au stade....
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  • Nearly there now......or are we?

    Nearly there now......or are we?

    It’s getting like “The Quick and the Dead”, the Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Leo De Caprio movie. There will be a number of Shoot-outs next weekend with the winners going through and the losers going home. A number of third-placed teams are in a position to pass out the losing teams.

    Pool One P W D L F A PD TF TA TB LB PTS Rank
    1 Ulster 5 4 0 1 125 92 33 14 11 1 0 17
    2 La Rochelle 5 3 0 2 140 114 26 16 16 3 1 16
    3 Wasps 5 2 0 3 128 114 14 17 14 3 1 12
    4 Harlequins 5 0 0 5 99 172 -73 14 20 2 1 7
    Sunday 15:15 Wasps v Ulster; La Rochelle v Harlequins. The big news here was ‘Quins win over Wasps. Wasps got two Bonuses which might be useful although maybe not. Ulster got the win but another Try or even a score would have been very useful. Still, they are where they are. Because they lost the Head to Head, they need to match La Rochelle’s points on Sunday to stay ahead of them. Of course if they lose 5-0 in Coventry they will have lost that Head to Head and be behind Wasps as well and hoping that Harlequins repeat Saturday’s heroics next week. One Point for La Rochelle along with a 5-0 for Wasps would give a three-way tie on 17 Points. Ulster would lose the nine points from the two Harlequins games, La Rochelle would lose six and Wasps would lose seven leaving La Rochelle winning the Pool and Wasps second. 17 Points might be enough to get a Second place spot. Ulster will win the Pool if they get Five points in Coventry. Four would be enough if La Rochelle don’t get the winning Bonus. Three would only d...
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  • Turning into the Straight

    Turning into the Straight

    To use a Steeplechasing analogy, we have reached the turn into the straight, with two fences to be jumped. Some pacesetters are driving on, some are beginning to come back to the pack, some runners are tailed off and on the point of pulling up and some are motoring well in the middle of the pack preparing to launch their finishing burst. Who will stay the course, who will just barely make it over the line and who will find nothing under pressure and lose out?

    Pool One P W D L F A PD TF TA TB LB PTS Rank
    1 La Rochelle 4 3 0 1 127 94 33 15 13 3 0 15 4
    2 Ulster 4 3 0 1 105 79 26 11 10 1 0 13 6
    3 Wasps 4 2 0 2 100 81 19 13 9 2 0 10
    4 Harlequins 4 0 0 4 66 144 -78 9 16 1 1 2
    Remaining Fixtures:
    Sat 13th Jan 13:00 Ulster v La Rochelle; 17:30 Harlequins v Wasps
    Sun 21st Jan 15:15 Wasps v Ulster; La Rochelle v Harlequins. La Rochelle slipped up in Coventry, not even getting the Losing Bonus. They managed to win the Head to Head, though which could make all the difference next month. Five more points would keep them ahead of Wasps no matter what Wasps do. You would expect them to get those in the last round at home to Harlequins. Whether that would win the Pool would depend on how things go in Ravenhill in Round Five and in Coventry in Round Six. 20 points should be enough to qualify them one way or another (but see the three-way-tie scenario below) Ulster did that they had to do against Harlequins. They need to beat La Rochelle next time out and ideally overturn the Head to Head in which they trail by 5-0, 24 Points and three Tries. If they did all that, they would be three points ahead of La Rochelle and would need to get two points in Coventry to stay ahead. (If those two points were in a 5-2 loss, a fiver in Round Five for Wasps would put all three teams on 20 (Assuming La Rochelle get five in Round Six.) The Rules posted on the EPRC Site only deal with two teams finishing level at the end of the Pool Stages. In the previous version of the Competition, things would then have been decided on the six matches between the three. Ulster would win the Pool with second place being decided on Points Difference. We would then have a team on 20 point being eliminated and probably a team from a different Pool with fewer than 20 going through.) Any win or any draw in Coventry would then do Ulster. If they don’t overturn the Head to Head, they would need to beat Wasps to be sure of staying ahead of La Rochelle. As stated above, Wasps have lost the Head to Head against La Rochelle so they have to overtake their points total to pass them out. They, therefore, must get six points more than La Rochelle in the last two rounds. They must get two fivers and hope that La Rochelle only get four points from their last two games. Anything less means that La Rochelle must lose both games. (and even then, two 2-point losses would put La R...
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  • It's Halftime How're things going?

    It's Halftime How're things going?

    Lads (Kerry meaning)

    These are my prognostications for what they're worth:

    Pool One
    1 La Rochelle 3 3 0 0 124 73 51 15 10 3 0 15 1
    2 Ulster 3 2 0 1 53 55 -2 5 6 0 0 8
    3 Wasps 3 1 0 2 79 78 1 10 9 2 0 6
    4 Harlequins 3 0 0 3 42 92 -50 5 10 0 1 1

    Next Fixtures:
    Friday 15th Dec 19:45 Ulster v Harlequins
    Sunday 17th Dec 13:00 Wasps v La Rochelle La Rochelle are on a roll at the moment with maximum points from their three games. A win in Coventry on Sunday would put them on 19 points at least and in all probability through. Failing that, they must visit Ulster in Round Five, which could be tricky, but have Harlequins at home in the Final Round and should wrap things up there. You’d fancy them to go through. Ulster’s only loss so far was in La Rochelle, but their failure to get any bonus points leaves them seven behind La Rochelle and ranked fourth of the second placed teams. Three wins from here would put them on 20 points minimum and almost certainly through. That would mean winning in Coventry in the Last Round. We’ll see. As stated above, Wasps host La Rochelle on Sunday and then go to the Stoop. Two wins there would leave them on 14 at least and Ulster possibly on 16 and it would be winner takes all in Coventry last day out. Harlequins are rock bottom on one point and need miracles from here. They could be spoilers for Wasps or Ulster (or both) but I can’t see them prospering in the last round in La Rochelle PK’s Prediction: La Rochelle 24 Ulster 18 Wasps 15 Harlequins 1 ...
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  • The state of the parties

    The state of the parties

    There are five categories of teams at the moment

    Qualified In their own hands Need results to go their way Need Miracles Can’t qualify
    Racing 92


    The Nigels’ Cup has a different Tie-breaking system from the previous incarnation. The first criterion is Match Points in the games between the teams, as before. The next Criterion is now Points Difference, followed by Tries in the relevant games. If this doesn’t split the teams (or to split teams when ranking teams for the Play-offs) the next criterion is overall Points Difference in the Pool followed by Tries scored in all matches followed by suspensions and finally the drawing of Lots.

    Pool One P W D L F A PD T Pts
    Munster 5 4 0 1 138 54 84 15 20
    Glasgow 5 3 0 2 117 86 31 12 14
    Leicester 5 2 0 3 61 147 -86 3 8
    Racing 92 5 1 0 4 79 103 -29 11 5

    Fixtures: 17:30 Saturday: Munster v Racing Sky Sports Leicester v Glasgow BT Sport

    This Pool is very straightforward at this stage. Munster have won it but 20 points may not be enough to get a home Quarter final. See below.

    Any win will get Glasgow a second placed spot but there is a possibility that fewer points might do. See below.

    Leicester and Racing are out of contention.
    Pool Two P W D L F A PD T Pts
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  • RCC Round 4) Leicester V Munster. Welford Rd. 17-12-16. Relax will ya!!!

    RCC Round 4) Leicester V Munster. Welford Rd. 17-12-16. Relax will ya!!!

    These are the weeks that this forum was built for. Tension. Munster on a roll. An away day looming. MUNSTER IN CONTENTION. Work interfering with posting. An away win being eyed on the menu. Butterflies. An Aviva team for goodness sake. A buzz around the place. Ticket threads! Meeting place arrangements. Lifts. Away coaches under pressure. Munster players playing out of their skin. Not giving a jot about Leinster. Dublin media raving about them anyway. Our captain showing how it's done. An outhalf...
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  • Axel at Thomond, by Valencia

    Axel at Thomond, by Valencia

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  • Anthony Foley RIP

    Anthony Foley RIP


    Everyone at wishes to extend our deepest, and heartfelt sympathies to Anthony Foley’s family, his friends, and his teammates as they attempt to come to terms with the loss of a man who epitomised the values Munster rugby has always sought to represent. Anthony Foley was an icon of Irish sport and will always be the benchmark for what we admire in both a person and a player. He was loyal to his club roots, to his province and to his team. He was a hard opponent on the pitch but never an unfair one. He asked a lot of...
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  • Euro G1) Racing V Munster. Sunday 16th Oct - 15:15 on Sky

    Euro G1) Racing V Munster. Sunday 16th Oct - 15:15 on Sky

    Time enough to look forward to European Cup

    Munster won't be as poor again I don't believe, special weekend for ROG...
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  • G12-G6) Leinster in Lansdowne. 2.05KO - Saturday - TG4 & SKY - Oct 8th

    G12-G6) Leinster in Lansdowne. 2.05KO - Saturday - TG4 & SKY - Oct 8th

    The big one arriveth, the season kicks into a higher gear this coming week for Rassie and the boys. Whatever upward trajectory we have been on will be severely tested between now and christmas pretty much. To the positives though: The scrum is a weapon, we've a cracking backline! we are beginning to see depth in the squad in most positions bar 9. This will be a fantastic game I think, Munster already have the ability to pose Leinster questions they haven't posed in a few seasons, we are in for a battle! ...
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  • Squeaky Bum Time approaches
    mr chips
    (By Piquet - not my work!)

    That time of the season so beloved of Sir Alex Ferguson is coming into view.

    There will have to be major rule changes next year, given that of all the Premiership teams, only one, Saracens, are not in the bottom half of their Pool.
    Peculiarly enough, of the ten fixtures in Round Four, only three had different results from the previous Round.
    Significant gaps have developed in three of the pools and the first four casualties...
    9th-January-2019, 11:35
  • Piquet's Half Time Analysis
    mr chips
    Right, we’re at the Halfway stage both in the Head to Head games and overall.

    In the old days, if you lost your first match, you didn't win the Heineken Cup. Munster put a stop to that in 2006. Then, if you lost your first two matches, you were out. With the change in format to allow three rather than two Pool runners up go through, that went by the wayside two years ago courtesy of Bath.

    Gerry Thornley in the Irish Times had an interesting article last week...
    13th-December-2018, 22:12
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