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1st-October-2011, 10:12
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Some of you may enjoy this:
It's written from a Saffa perspective, although a fair number of boeties still crack the nod for what might loosely be translated as "the most disagreeable group of players to ever grace an international rugby field".

Cock Tonsil Legends XV

http://primalbeer.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/lawrence-dallaglio-rugby.jpg?w=640&h=426 (http://primalbeer.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/lawrence-dallaglio-rugby.jpg)

The Rugby World Cup in New Zealand brought a number of Cock Tonsils to the fore. So much so that it prompted me to select a Rugby World Cup Cock Tonsil XV (http://primalbeer.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/rugby-world-cup-cock-tonsil-xv-round-1/). The intention, initially, was to update the CTXV after each round of the competition. Form is temporary, though, and Cock Tonsilism is permanent. This has meant that only Mike Tindall has been added to the squad (http://primalbeer.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/cock-tonsil-xv-induction-mike-tindall/). We’ll keep an eye on the competition as things heat up as I’m sure the pressure cauldron will bring out the CT in people.

With selection pretty much a closed shop in the RWC CTXV there was a groundswell of support and demand for a Cock Tonsil Legends XV. Remembering that these current players couldn’t be where they are today without their forefathers that laid the foundation for them to be the knobs they are today.

Now I’m well aware that you probably won’t agree with my team and I welcome the naming and shaming of any player I’ve forgotten. Include it in the comments section below along with a motivation. Let’s honour the Cock Tonsils of Rugby Union. Players must be retired from international rugby or not at RWC 2011.

Here are 22 legendary Cock Tonsils who will live long in the memory[...]

It continues here (http://primalbeer.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/cock-tonsil-legends-xv/) with the full list and some very funny descriptions.

1st-October-2011, 10:23
No Franno? Surely you could find a place for him. Matt Williams and Bob Dwyer tied for head coach

The Word Is Born
1st-October-2011, 10:36
I love this description;

“looking like the bastard son of Liberace and a particularly flamboyant matador. Who’s also been painted orange.”

Delmar O'Donnell
1st-October-2011, 12:56
Excellent. Franno would've made it but I'm sure that guy had no idea who he was.

Eric Miller gets on my tits in his columns.