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21st-May-2011, 17:11
I make a dream... Only a dream, notjhing more, no pronostic... but it awakes questions in me:
First of all I want to insist on the fact that I am only a french lover of your country, and naturally a supporter of the the irish rugby, and even if I asked for a rugbystic asylum I found here, even if I love the rugbystic Munster culture, its sincerity and humble nature, its roots, I am sincerely admirative about the Leinster rugby too... And I do not forget Connaught and Ulster. And what Leiinster did in the second half today makes me anywhere proud. So...

Let's consider a blue team that was this:
- Cian Healy, Richardt Strauss</span>, Mike Ross, Leo Cullen, Nathan Hines</span>, Shane Jennings,
Jamie Heaslip, Sean O'Brien, Eoin Reddan, Johnny Sexton, Luke Fitzgerald</span>, Gordon d'Arcy, BOD, Shane Horgan</span>, Isa Nacewa</span>...
Let's imagine that all irish players will be absolutely fit in october, the injured too, and now, I paint this team in green and change some pieces as follow:
- Cian Healy, Jerry Flannery</span>, Mike Ross, Leo Cullen, POC</span>, Shane Jennings,

Jamie Heaslip, Sean O'Brien, Eoin Reddan, Johnny Sexton, Luke Fitzgerald, Gordon d'Arcy, BOD, Tommy Bowe</span>, Keith Earls</span>.
With the motivation that I saw today in the blue Devils' eyes, with the feeling they gave that they would kill the Saints on the pitch, nearly with the hate they showed, hate of the adversity, hate of the defeat, if the green team can reach this level of absolute motivation, of ferocity, which team can't be impressed if even not scared? Can this team with such a spirit even put a trace of doubt in the AB's minds? But on the other side, can Declan K. give the team such a massively impressive spirit? In my opinion, the irish team has its main problem in its own mind, as if it was unable to really give what it can, as if it was unable to find its all substance" despite of the talent it has.
Does somebody share my feelings, or am I an incorrigible idealistic and overchauvinistic dreamer?

21st-May-2011, 17:16
Tis a fine and mighty dream of yours dax, fair play to you.

fairway hunter
21st-May-2011, 17:49
In my opinion, the irish team has its main problem in its own mind, as
if it was unable to really give what it can, as if it was unable to find
its all substance" despite of the talent it has.

i think therefore i am

21st-May-2011, 21:23
Earlsy should throw out the line "why don't Leinster players
play with the same passion when they're wearing the Irish
jersey?" and "Leo, why are you the bulb off Shane McGowan
and saying f**k on the telly?" smileys/wink.gif

21st-May-2011, 21:24
Often the passion doesn't transfer from the province to the
National level and vice versa, so you can only speculate about
how good they would be if the players performed as per their
province performances.
Munster through much of the 00s were accused of not bringing
their provincial play to the National team, while in this years
six nations, that same accusation was thrown at the Leinster
team a few times by fans and was also noted by the media.

22nd-May-2011, 09:31
If Ireland transferred the "passion" and "belief" of Leinsters first half performance the game would be over against any halfway decent side.

You can't just pick and choose moments of strong momentum, take the whole package. Leinster are far from the complete team, they had two home knockout games and struggled against a mediocre premiership side in the final. They're one of the top teams in Europe, sure but I don't think they're as good as you think they are.

Though if your picking a starting lineup and include Jennings over Wallace you deserve to lose the game on that selection alone.

22nd-May-2011, 09:59
I'm sure part of it is down to the dressing room and the mood in the camp - there's no denying it. The second part though is the coaching. You saw during the 6 nations that the Leinster backline players were worse for Ireland than they were for Leinster a few weeks after, and likewise some of the Munster forwards were better for Ireland than they were for munster. There's a lot to be said for the positive influence of Smal instead of fisher on the likes of Buckley versus the negative influence of Gaffney instead of Schmidt on the leinster backs.

And saying such a sweeping statement of Jennings over wallace and deserving to lose is utter nonsense. They're both very good but very different players. Northampton scrummaged illegally in the first half (it's been documented by sky sports in a match against another english side) and Jennings was brought in to counter all of the off the ball stuff and as experience of the premiership style. Both have a job to do for the team and quite a different one at that. For example I'd play Jennings against the likes of Scotland that want to make an utter b****x of the breakdown and prevent your continuity game. You'd use wallace against someone like France though where they stand off a bit more and leave the game more open and flowing.

22nd-May-2011, 13:41
I agree about Jennings/Wally. They are two kinds of players that can be involvedd in different objectives So not writing Jennings/Wallace was not the best solution in my green proposition. And I agree with the performances of the Leinster backlines during the 6N comparatively with what they did in the HEC: Fitzy and Gordon d'Arcy were completely out of their shoes. But trust Deccie to make Darce/BOD his base, and then, it depends on where Earlsy will play, because referring to the 6N, he has more than his reserved place in the team if we want the team to fire the game from everywhere.