View Full Version : Red carpet

18th-March-2011, 16:34
Are we expecting any little tricks tomorrow - is this Johnsons first time back in Dublin since "red carpetgate" ?

18th-March-2011, 16:38
Was he not around for the hammering in Croke Park?

18th-March-2011, 17:00
Brian Ashton was England coach in 2007. Johnson was in CP in 2009, going apes**t when Care got carded!smileys/biggrin.gif

"Little tricks"? Are people insane enough to think that the carpet thing was pre-planned?smileys/lol.gif

19th-March-2011, 08:48
Think he'd be a fool to do anything to get the home team riled up. Unlike the last time England are the weakest team on paper and will be relying on hunger and momentum to carry them through, the last thing they need is to give extra incentive to a superior team to beat them.

19th-March-2011, 10:47
I couldnt see any off this team having the balls to do something similar to be honest, alot of stubborn characters next to him when it happened. A wry applause from the crowd when they line up in the right spot would be nice but it would probably just wind them up.