View Full Version : Munster Fans at Rodney Parade?

Devon Red
27th-October-2010, 12:46
As a Munster fan living in Devon, I've seen Munster play many timesin the UK but always seem to be in the wrong part of the ground, away from most Munster fans.

Last time I went to Rodney Parade, last winter I was in the middle of the Hazell Terrace surrounded by fire breathing Taffs and would like to avoid the same on Nov 26th.

Which part of the ground have most people got tickets for, or where will they be heading?

kooga made for rugby
28th-October-2010, 06:01
thats where we were last year Hazell terrace! and again in 4 weeks time

Devon Red
3rd-November-2010, 18:10
No one else going? smileys/confused.gif

kooga made for rugby
3rd-November-2010, 18:23
we are x 8 staying in wetherspoons again you are more than welcome to join us for a pint.

other legends attending include Mack the Knife!

4th-November-2010, 06:42
Saving the sheckels for Toulon.

5th-November-2010, 06:47
2 of us travelling down, looking forward to this, always a good atmosphere at Rodney Parade

Mack the Knife
5th-November-2010, 06:49
A few pints of stones in the clubhouse looking forward to it.
Got thrown out of the ground last year for smoking smileys/lol.gif

5th-November-2010, 09:40
There'll be a fair few - think the Somerset Cricket fans will be
turning up and would expect quite a few of the MRSC London
Branch to make the trip across the M4; we may even be
graced by the presence of Babs.......

Mack the Knife
5th-November-2010, 09:42
Will Jason the monkey be there as well ?

Devon Red
5th-November-2010, 16:37
All heading for Hazell Terrace?