View Full Version : Where’s Barry Murphy,callin’ Barry Murphy

12th-October-2010, 15:23
Any news on Barry Murphy? With Mafs out, Sam T potentially out, Earls going off at LI things have been better at centre. Murphy could offer an option if fit and in form.

Alternatively Johne Murphy to centre and Warwick at full back?

12th-October-2010, 15:25
Named in the squad for the A side to play in Waterford this
weekend. Great to see him back but not in the running for
the HEC team. He hasn't played in ages.

12th-October-2010, 16:25
hope it goes well for him ...... he needs a lucky break

12th-October-2010, 16:31
hope it goes well for him ...... he needs a lucky break

He hardly need another break!smileys/wink.gif

12th-October-2010, 17:44
In the circumstances, a bit of good luck is in order smileys/smile.gif

12th-October-2010, 20:32
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