View Full Version : screen on laptop cracked??

10th-June-2010, 14:55
guys, accidently stood on laptop and now there is a smash on the screen of it as if a stone hit a windsreen of car, rang dell and they said that insurance doesnt cover accidental damage, what bull s**t... they said that it wud cost 350 to repair, wud nearly buy a new one for that price, mine is only over a year old so dont really want to, did it ever happen to anybody else and can anybody recommend anybody else that wud fix it for a much cheaper fee?? cheers in advance!

10th-June-2010, 15:02
Computerrepair shopin castletroy (have an office opposite the Hurlers) and have a sign up saying they repair laptop screens

10th-June-2010, 15:40
cheers wil have a look out there! its a dell inspiron 1525

10th-June-2010, 16:18
Get a quote here http://www.brokenscreen.ie/makes/dell.html and basically just google around and you'll save a few quid.

10th-June-2010, 16:21
Seems to screens available here for $119


10th-June-2010, 16:31

In Dublin i think they will collect they fix screens from 129 euro but Dell parts can be very expensive

10th-June-2010, 17:22
you'll pay about $100 for a screen, fitting them is a 5 minute job.