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28th-July-2009, 15:04
Lads and lassies,

Limerick man Conor Hartnett is currently in the English Channel, a few miles off the French coast, having set out from the English side at 4am this morning.

Anyone interested can track his progress at http://www.smrc.ie (he's an ex St. Michael's Rowing Club member). If you're feeling generous, he's doing the swim to raise funds and profile for "The Smile Train" which is a charity for children with cleft lip and cleft palate. Details of how to donate are on the site. Thanks all.

28th-July-2009, 15:10
Good luck Conorsmileys/thumb-up.gif

28th-July-2009, 15:34
Nearly there! Great effortsmileys/cool.gif

28th-July-2009, 18:00
He finished it a while ago in 14 hours and 19 minutes. Well done to him. First Limerick person to swim the English Channel.

de berries
28th-July-2009, 18:39
Fair Play to Conor.There is a 16 year old from Fermoy who is attempting in September to be the youngest Irish Person to swim the Channel.