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19th-January-2009, 13:07
Having had a weekend in Limerick one Shark chooses to nominate surviving "Stab City" as his highlight. Disappointing considering the reception Sale and all visiting teams receive. www.rugbynetwork.net (http://www.rugbynetwork.net)

19th-January-2009, 13:08

19th-January-2009, 13:40
Any proper link cos that's just the general website address.

The only blog I could find was one I read a bit of last year called
Limerick memories and that was from the last time they played here.
Bless the fella doesn't spare the details so due to it's volume I didn't
read it all. Having said that apart from feeling he might have been
ripped off by a taxi driver(surprise surprise) and being offerend a
decent sounding full irish nothing stood out as being overly offensive
aginst our sharp city and he seemed have a good enough time despite
his team losing...

19th-January-2009, 13:42
The comment has since been removed.

19th-January-2009, 13:58
it was still there 5 minutes ago but are we really that bothered by it ?

19th-January-2009, 14:37
There was a comment from someone saying a positive was surviving the weekend, which I'd hardly think was offensive !

There's plenty of folks on this forum that do well to survive any weekend away with the copious amount of alcohol that tend to be consumed.