View Full Version : Munster V Leinster kids tickets

23rd-December-2006, 18:02
Didnt realise these had been emailed out already as I have not applied for too many kids tickets this year. I ordered two but have not got an ermail with the attachment yet! I have contacted ticketmaster twice today,and they have said they will get the guy that deals with Munster tickets to contact me, but with it being Xmas, I hold out little hope it will be in time for the game.

Any1 else not get their tickets? Any1 know any other number I could ring(apart from the ticketmaster customer care?)

Finally, and Im not trying to jump a cue if one exists already for these, any 1 have spare kids tickets incase I cant get this sorted?


24th-December-2006, 06:23
I got mine a week or more ago.

24th-December-2006, 13:36
Thought Id bump this incase any1 logs on and can help.....

Still no official word back so I hold out little hope there....I understand the time of year that it is dosnt help....

26th-December-2006, 10:00
Ok,got this sorted...guy from ticketmaster replied via his blackberry-might be handy to note the emails I sent my issue to for future issues any1 may have.....and I can pick the tickets up at the gate on the day: