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Thread: Flip Fold

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    Flip Fold

    I just saw Sheldon using this on the Big Bang Theory

    Anyone ever used it? Does it work?
    My wife still has to refold stuff after me so this looks like the business.

    Maybe I should make my own? I hate folding clothes.

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    just get your wife to fold it first time??
    "They think they know us, but they haven't a clue"

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    You're not married are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by munstershane View Post
    You're not married are you?
    not even close
    "They think they know us, but they haven't a clue"

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    You know, usually I'd laugh it off but I suspect if Ikea was selling that it'd be depressingly popular.
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    Some kind of ninja magic going on here. I've watched this over and over and still can't figure it out
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    Oh Jeebus wept!! That has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. Note they do not show the preparation time of flattening things out etc and some of the stuff on the board already has one fold in it. The Goddams have a lot to answer for.

    If you are that bad just roll fold your stuff down the middle and roll it.
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    Sheldon Rules!

    so does Penny

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    Make one out of cardboard and tape, 3 long pieces one of which is cut in half, but they are a waste of time - place on, flatten, fold, remove. I have one in work and never could see a reason for it other than wasting time.

    The jap video works but leaves the clothing too big for most drawers or bags as the clothes are in half.

    ps, I have a supplier if anyone wants to purchase, if so it is a great little item for any household which saves time and gives a true sense of satisfacion in a job well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugged Rugger View Post
    Sheldon Rules!
    My son is autistic and is about as socially inept as poor Sheldon.
    All I do when I watch Sheldon is say, "That's (name of my son) there..... That'll be (my son) in a few years."

    It's freaky but endearing at the same time.

    btw Penny is hawt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClanMan View Post

    Some kind of ninja magic going on here. I've watched this over and over and still can't figure it out
    It works. My gf just tried it and is over the moon with this new way of folding.

    Here's the English language version of the clip

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